We always tell our customer to think of their home as an investment. Why? Because it is…

Each day, we see homeowners put in tons of money and countless hours of work to make their homes both comfortable and functional. Often, the majority of the challenges you face at home can be solved with one thing: home insulation. Here’s why:

1. Regulating Inside Temperature

Spray foam insulation seals your home and creates a barrier from the outside by filling the open cracks, holes, empty space behind walls, and other areas that are exposed. Insulation keeps fluctuating temperatures from entering and causing your thermostat to work in overdrive to account for the temperature spikes.

2. Offering Better Sound-Proofing

Insulation offers a tight seal – what we call an “envelope” – around your home. That envelope can help to block out noise from outside.

3. Stopping Allergens

The seal offered by spray foam insulation stops air from outside (containing allergens) from entering in and contaminating your family’s inside air.

4. Moisture Control

Moisture seeping into your home can be dangerous, as it can cause mold and other bacteria to breed. Spray foam insulation is impermeable to water, thus guaranteeing an efficient barrier in and around your home.

Insulation is a key aspect of a comfortable and efficient home. At Cameron Home Insulation, we’re here to ease the process — give us a call TODAY at (443) 459-5800 or schedule a FREE home insulation quote!