According to the Department of Energy, the average annual utility bill is  $2,060. Some people believe that if you spend a tad bit,   you save a fortune.  Then there are those people who spend a bucket-load this year and save ten times as much over the course of two decades. Here are five ways you can save yourself some money this fall while cutting back on the use of energy around your home.

Give The Pellet Stove Some Love This Fall

A pellet stove costs about $2,000 to purchase, and a 40-pound bag of pellets will cost you about $6.00. It will take approximately three to five years to recoup the cost of your investment. However, you can anticipate that your electric bills will be slashed by nearly half each month. The pellets themselves are fueled by recycled compressed sawdust. Pellet stoves not only conserve trees but they burn hotter and cleaner than a traditional wood stove.

pellet stove

Passive Solar Energy

Why not use the bright sun’s rays to warm your home during the fall and winter months? Solar radiation transfers heat through the glass and warms up the interior surface inside your house. This process is called glazing. In heating-dominated climates, glazing areas should generally face south to collect solar heat during the fall and winter when the sun is low.  At the end of the day, close your drapes to trap the heat inside your home at night.

window glazing

Keep Your Furnace Spotless

Clean your furnace filter at least once a month.  If the filter is dirty replace it when it becomes too dirty to use.  Preserving your furnace and vents accordingly will minimize energy consumption. In addition, taking care of your furnace also prevents you from wasting money.  Your heater has many parts that can impact the health of your family.  Too many homeowners have been shocked to learn that their “new” furnaces have been damaged.  In some cases, the damage is due to poor construction, but in many cases, the damage has been caused by neglect.


Cut the Heat

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average home energy bill is an estimated $180 per month.  There is no reason to heat your entire home. Particularly if you’re not going to be using every single room in your house.  It’s not as if you are using your storage room or the guest room every day.  So, shut the vents in some of the rooms that you don’t use as much.  Learn to live in a more sensible, conservative, and energy-efficient manner.


Air Seal Doors and Windows

Homeowners squander hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on wasted energy costs thanks to unwanted air leaks, cracks, and gaps that amount to holes that are the size of a quarter. Air sealing prevents air leaks from occurring around your home and keeps warm air from leaving the home during the fall and winter months. A properly air sealed home is an energy efficient home. If you feel a draft in your home during the chilly fall season, it could be an indication that your home is leaking air. One solution that you may want to consider for addressing this problem is air sealing your home with spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation establishes a protective shield that dramatically improves comfort, home performance, and energy efficiency, thus cutting your energy costs by hundreds of dollars each year.

Air Sealing

For more fall cost savings ideas contact Cameron Home Insulation today ask to speak with one of our estimators today at (443) 290-5182, and lets us help you start saving money and reducing your monthly utility costs now while living comfortably tomorrow.