Well, the end of the summer of 2017 is quickly approaching. You and your family have had an action-packed summer.  You’re not quite ready for it to come to an end just yet. What if we told you that we had five entertaining ideas that would allow you to extend the summer by a few extra days, and would save you money at the same time?

Five Fun Family Activities

Host a Cookout

It’s a shame to put away your grill without having one last tasty summer meal to enjoy. Why not invite your neighbors, friends, and family over for an end of the summer barbeque? After all, summer doesn’t officially end until September 20th. Ask your guests to bring a side dish. The only thing you will have to do is grill some chicken, steak, and/or hamburgers.  After downing one last delicious meal why not take the time to cook a meal for those who are less fortunate by volunteering some of your time.


Volunteering is a great way to meet people in your local community. Donate your time and help a cause you care about by making a difference in someone else’s life. Remember, you get out of it what you put into it.

Have a Family Yard Sale

Don’t forget to pull out whatever clothes you don’t wear anymore from your closet.  How about also getting rid of those toys that your kids don’t play with anymore. Let your children sort, price, and sell the items so that they can make some extra money for themselves. Maybe they would like to use some of the extra spending money by doing something fun and colorful.

Go For A Bike Ride

Get active, enjoy the beautiful weather, and let your imagination run wild. You should even invite your friends and family to decorate and paint their bicycles different bright colors and have an end of the summer bike ride around town. You could even turn the event into a local community-wide parade that brings people together to enjoy one last special summer memory.

Go to an Outdoor Concert

After spending the day biking around town, why not take in an outdoor concert somewhere in your local community? There are plenty of locations around the Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, Maryland region that host free musical and movie events throughout the summer and early fall season. Take advantage of a beautiful summer evening and pack a basket meal to eat under the stars while enjoying a relaxing evening with those who matter most to you.

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to have fun and enjoy life with those that matter most to you. The money that you’re saving will allow you to invest in other things that bring you enjoyment and sound peace of mind. As summer comes to an end and we transition into the fall season, why not start thinking about taking the time to invest and a few home improvements projects that will allow you to create more lasting fun memories throughout the year?  For more cost savings ideas, why not contact us today (443) 290-5182 and learn how we can help save you and your family hundreds of dollars.

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