The United States has become an energy-saving conscious nation. That’s because electric costs have become super-pricey and are steadily climbing. Homeowners throughout the United States are focused more than ever on finding solutions that help reduce energy costs. You don’t necessarily have to live like a caveman wandering around in the dark with a lit torch as your only source of light, but some of the most straightforward solutions can save you more than you ever imagined. Below are seven suggestions to help you reduce your dependency on electricity and cut your energy bill in half.

Inexpensive Energy-Saving Ideas

Smart OutletsThe energy-saving outlet

The smart outlet doesn’t use electricity when it’s turned off.  Using power has a negative impact on the environment, but by using energy wisely, you can stop wasting it and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. When you unplug cords from outlets, it makes workspaces untidy and even unsafe. The smart outlet allows you to keep objects plugged in so that countertops stay clutter free. If you are the typical person that never remembers to turn out your lights that smart outlets are absolutely perfect for someone like you. Smart outlets allow you to power down any device remotely from your smartphone, tablet and web-enabled device from anywhere in the world.  Most importantly they’re also inexpensive.


Low-flow showerheads use up to 75% less water yet still have twice the power. Showers depend on energy to heat your water. The low-flow showerhead not only uses half of the energy to heat your water, but it will save you at least $50 a year off your heating and cooling costs.

Solar-power lights

Solar-powered outdoor path lights are pollution free and prevent greenhouse emissions. Solar outdoor lights are very inexpensive. Also, they provide powerful lighting and provide up to ten hours of light during the evening hours.

Monitor Your Energy-SavingsSmart Energy Monitor

Install an energy-efficient monitor. One of the smartest things you can do to reduce power is to invest your money in an energy monitor. Not only are they cheap, but they also allow you to see the total amount of energy you have used over the course of a 30-day period up to the exact second.

Long-Term Energy- Saving Investment Projects

solar water heaterSolar Water Heater

Installing an energy-saving solar water heater is an excellent idea if you’re looking to reduce your energy costs. Solar water heaters also minimize your dependency on natural resources and reduce your carbon footprint.

Energy Saving Windowsdouble paned windows

Are you aware that nearly 25% of your heating and cooling expenses can be traced to poorly insulated single-paned windows? Double-paned windows can be expensive, and it will take almost 12 years to recoup the initial cost. However, they are worth the long-term investment. A single, double-paned window will cost you approximately $600 per window, but you will save about $500 a year in related energy costs. That is the equivalent of a $6,000 cost savings over a 12-year period.

insulation upgradeThe Insulation Upgrade

You spend about $200 a year in wasted energy because your house is poorly insulated. That equals 10% of your home energy expenses over a 12-month period. Traditional fiberglass insulation typically starts to lose its effectiveness over a 3 to 5 year period. If your insulation is beginning to crumble, it’s time to think about replacing it or adding additional insulation. In 2016 Homeowners that invested in extra insulation for their homes saw a 107% return investment within a year after replacing their existing insulation. Also, the resale value of their homes increased by more than $1,400.

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