Living in Maryland and Virginia, you know that weather changes happen frequently and often without warning throughout the year.

Properly air sealing your home can help to prevent any air leaks may happen through walls, doors, windows and other openings in your home. These leaks are often a home’s biggest wasters of energy, which in turn increase your utility bills. A properly sealed home can really make a difference when it comes to energy efficiency, and here’s why.

Increase in Home Comfort

Controlling the airflow and air leakiness of your home is the first step in energy efficiency. Air sealing leaks and properly installing insulation in your home can improve the comfort inside. Families living in a well sealed and insulated home notice very tangible benefits:

  • Reduced noise from outside your home
  • More efficient and predictable humidity control
  • A reduction in the amount of pollen, insects, and dusts that enter your home
  • A significantly lower risk for ice dams on your roof during snowy winters

In summer seasons, an improperly sealed home may seem much higher in temperature than they should be. In the winter time, colder floors, or uncomfortable drafts may be more noticeable. Proper insulation can help to provide a more comfortable home atmosphere by eliminating these problems.

Stop and Prevent Air Leaks

Before you install insulation, it’s important to first address any air leaks in your home. Air can leak through any tiny gaps, cracks or openings in walls, doorways, floorboards, or windows. While more common air leaks like those in drafts through windows and doors are typically easier to find, air leaks in attics, crawlspaces, or basements may present more of a challenge.

By having these air leaks addressed you can help to prevent any warm air in the winter from escaping or cool air in the summer. Our team makes properly sealing your home easy and worry-free. Schedule a free Home Energy Assessment to find out how we use air sealing in conjunction with other insulation materials and methods to help make your home a more comfortable place to live.