Are You Ready for a Winter Climate Change?

The Sooner You Insulate and  Winterize Your Home  the Better Off You Will Be

A significant portion of Maryland homeowners believe that climate change goes far beyond an increasingly warmer planet.  Scientists honestly believe, that greenhouse gases and emissions alter  the planets climate throughout the year.  Although, thanks to recent weather conditions, the general population believes that were in for a brutal winter season this year.  That’s precisely why there is no better time to winterize your home by upgrading your home insulation. Contact the team from Cameron Home Insulation and lets us help you winterize your home today. When you insulate your home during winter months with spray foam insulation, you will benefit in more ways than one. Phenomenon Behind Climate Change

Meteorologists and television correspondents argue that global warming and changing weather conditions are deceptive.  That’s why it’s this type misperception that makes it hard for the average Joe to understand what climate change is all about. Here are some relatively interesting problems to think about when discussing climate change.

  • Just because temperatures rise and fall,  it doesn’t mean that winter will come to an end anytime soon. Inconsistent temperatures that fluctuate up and down lead to poor weather conditions.
  • Hotter weather produces lots of moisture. Added moisture leads to severe storms. During the fall of 2017,  hurricanes. such as Irma, Maria, and Jose,  developed into category four hurricanes with wind gusts over 160 mph. Each of these storms took place over a six-week period during the months August and September.  In fact, violent storms are a direct result of muggy conditions and added moisture.
  • Throughout the winter, moisture produces massive snow storms.  Even, when temperatures linger near or below freezing conditions, the chances of an ice storm or floods occurring also rises significantly
  • Shrinking greenhouse gases are necessary for altering climate change, slowing it down, and knocking it out altogether. Boosting energy efficient homes, appliances, cars, and manufacturing does help this matter.

There undoubtedly are several issues that we have talked about regarding climate change. These particular problems, however, can be discussed rationally.  However, making the changes needed doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process.

Prepare Your Home to Face the Cold Winter Weather

Have you winterized your home yet?  Now that you have decided to insulate your home with spray foam insulation you’re ready to take the first of many steps to prepare your home for the long winter months. Spray foam generates an active seal anywhere that it’s applied. In fact, spray foam insulation improves your home’s comfort while also lowering your monthly heating and cooling bills.  Did you know that spray foam insulation traps the warm air inside of the home and keeps cool air from entering it?   Also, both spray foam improves the comfort of your home, helps save money and reduces your monthly energy bills.

Spray foam comes in two forms. Closed- cell  and Open-cell spray foam. Closed Cell insulation, is the only insulation that has been approved by  FEMA, because it is a flood-resistant material that’s capable of standing up to severe weather conditions and storms that result in potential floods. Why not contact your local Maryland, spray foam insulation contractor (Cameron Home Insulation) today to discuss which insulation options are best suited to winterize your home?