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Is your attic properly insulated? Did you know that you waste as much as half of your energy when the hot or cold air inside your home rises and enters the attic because it’s poorly insulated? Now that your aware of the situation let us help you upgrade your attic insulation the right way.

 It makes perfect sense after all.That’s because as the most experienced insulation contractor in the Baltimore, Maryland area we understand that an energy efficient, comfortable, and warm home environment is what is most important to you and your family this winter.

An energy efficient attic is properly insulated.  There are locations within the attic that have tiny gaps or cracks that allow unwanted air to enter the attic. By air sealing and insulating your attic, you automatically qualify for an attic insulation rebate that saves you more than $100 or more.

Why Should You Consider Hiring An Attic Insulation Contractor?

Trying to install attic insulation yourself can be one significant big colossal headache. Besides, it can be very time consuming and quite messy. Hiring an attic insulation company saves you both time and money.  Are you aware that you can save hundreds of dollars using rebates that offered through Home Energy Star Program.  An experienced licensed attic insulation company also has the skills and knowledge that you can depend on. For instance, there are times when you need to know what signs to look for and understand when it’s time to upgrade your attic insulation.

1.) Air naturally travels in an upward direction throughout the entire home. Properly insulated with batt insulation or air sealed spray foam insulation, it stops heated or cool conditioned air from escaping the house.

2.) An attic that is properly insulated and air sealed,  it prevents unconditioned air from entering your home. Attic insulation is used for maintaining a comfortable temperature in the upper levels of the house.  It also stops pests and other harmful pollutants from entering the home.

3.) Attic Insulation Prevents  Long-Term Damage from Moisture-When an attic isn’t insulated correctly, rising heat causes snow to melt on a roof, and it leads to something known as ice damming. In fact, moisture, ice dams, and condensation slowly and steadily cause persistent damage in a home, especially on the roof.  Moisture is also capable of seeping into the attic and causes the attic insulation to get wet. As a result, the insulation isn’t as efficient at trapping the heat.

What Are The Advantages Of Attic Home Insulation?

Perhaps your a homeowner living in Maryland looking to upgrade or add a layer of blown-in fiberglass insulation, or air seal those leaky gaps and cracks in your attic with Icynene polyurethane spray foam insulation. No matter what your circumstances are, there are several advantages to adding attic insulation.

1.) Improved comfort and air quality- Under insulated attics can lose a lot of energy. Living in a home that is properly protected with insulation materials such as spray foam insulation it seals all of the areas inside of the attic.  This limits air from leaking into the attic space, and it helps to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the home.

2.) Reduced energy- when the attic is properly insulated the home doesn’t have to work as hard to stay heated or cool Also, your heating and cooling systems don’t have work overtime, making your home more energy efficient, and helping to eliminate those high energy bills you seem to get every month.

Types Of Alternative Attic Home Insulation

Once you’re ready for your attic insulation upgrade, we have a variety of insulation options to choose from.

Cellulose insulation – is made from recycled newspaper. Cellulose insulation is combustible;  However, cellulose insulation has been treated with a substance known as borate. Borate is fire resistant retardant.

Blown-in fiberglass insulation – is the most affordable option for most insulation option. Blown-in attic insulation offers tremendous coverage in an open attic area.

Spray foam insulation- limits air leakage in attics, helping to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer; it also stops roof-damaging ice dams from forming. Spray foam insulation is environmentally friendly, doesn’t retain water, and isn’t a food source for pests.

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We’re a fully licensed and insured attic insulation expert with over four generations of experience installing attic insulation in thousands of homes throughout Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia and surrounding area. At Cameron Home Insulation we prefer to let our work speak for itself. From the first initial phone call to the end of a completed job our team of professionals won’t overlook a single detail.

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