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What is a crawlspace? A crawlspace is a damp, hollow location underneath the home or basement. It separates the ground and first floor of a house. It is also one of the most overlooked areas that not many people give much thought too.

You may not be aware of it, but your crawlspace can impact both your health and your families.  When your home has a damp crawlspace, it attracts things such as mold, fungi and other pollutants. In addition, your house could smell like rotten eggs.   In fact, a crawlspace that’s s uninsulated,  sucks in cold air that is drawn into the home through the subflooring making it seem like you’re walking on ice around the lower levels of your home.  Now you have to depend on your heating systems to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the house.

unvented crawlspace area with spray foam insulation

Enough!  Stop wasting your money.  Your HVAC unit can only do so much, as far as regulating the temperature in your home throughout the year. Are you’re living in a house that feels drafty, or the floors seem cold, and perhaps it is making you feel uncomfortable? Then it’s time that you to contact the folks at Cameron Home Insulation.   When you insulate and air seal  the crawlspace area, it dramatically improves the comforts of home, indoor air quality, and saves energy. Satisfying our customers is our top priority. We’re also willing to go the extra mile to prove our worth. We look forward to servicing you.  We enjoy’ helping people just like you resolve their existing crawlspace problems.

Why Do I Need Install Insulation In My Crawlspace?

Crawl Spaces are sensitive things such as pests, mold, musty air, and most importantly soil. Soil is perhaps one of the most significant threats to our lives. That’s because it produces moisture.  Moisture can lead to a damp and musty environment. Moisture also attracts rodents, causing them to build nests in warm locations.

Depending on the age and construction of your house, crawl spaces come in two widely variations: unventilated or ventilated, and the approach to insulating each is unique.

Insulating the crawlspace

The ventilated crawlspace.

When encapsulating a ventilated crawlspace the insulation is placed overhead in between the subfloor area and beneath the floor space overheard. A crawlspace area that’s insulated prevents air from penetrating the floor in the living space above.

The unventilated crawlspace.

When your home has an unvented crawlspace,  the walls should be insulated.  That’s becuse the insulation is designed to protect ducts and water pipes by keeping them warm and preventing them from freezing.

Crawlspace Insulation Artist-Baltimore, MD

Do you think that the moisture infested space beneath your home known as the crawlspace is harmless? Well, you might want to reevaluate your line of thinking.  If your home contains an unvented crawlspace, moisture then rises from the ground in an upward motion through the cracks of the floor into a house creating an unbearable living environment. This process is known as the stack effect.  When a situation like this occurs we suggest that you contact a Cameron Home Insulation. Our certified and trained insulation professionls are trained to handle these types of situations.

The Cameron Home Insulation Crawlspace Insulation promise

Our free crawlspace insulation price quotes detail the step-by-step process of every job from the beginning to the end. We believe that it is our responsibility to communicate with our customers every single step of the way, leaving no detail unnoticed. To reach the most reliable crawlspace insulation contractor in the Baltimore, MD and Washington, D.C. metro area, contact Cameron Home Insulation today by calling us at (443) 290-5182.


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