Cost Savings Tips

Easy and cheap repairs can save money during the chilly fall season. We’re here to help you save energy and money this fall. Some of the tips below are free and can be used on a daily basis to help you save.  The remaining suggestions are straightforward and inexpensive actions that will help you guarantee maximum cost savings through the end of the year.

Start with a Home Energy Assessment 

During a home energy assessment, one of our trained professionals will help you identify where you may be wasting energy. We will help you highlight the problem areas that should be repaired. Best of all, the home energy assessment is free.

home energy assessment

Stop Using Your Utilities 

Try not to use your air conditioning and heat during October and November. Stop using your utilities by abandoning the services that increase your electric or gas bills the most.

Home Utilities

Donate Your Trash

Contact Habitat for Humanity and invite them to remove unwanted materials and fixtures that can be resold. About 85% of the materials in your home can be reused by someone else. You would be surprised what someone can do with your used cabinets, toilets, and tubs that you no longer want.  It will cost you $75 to hire someone to remove your bathroom fixtures, but donating your bathroom fixtures costs you absolutely nothing. Also, you will receive a tax credit by donating them to a worthy cause.

bathroom fixtures

Add Natural Light Without Adding Windows

Forget about cutting a hole in the side of your house. Consider less invasive – and cheaper – ways of creating natural light. Try brightening up a hallway or bathroom without windows. For instance, try installing light tubes.  They can be installed by slipping them in between your ceiling’s rafters so that the sunshine funnels down into your hallways, creating additional light.


Maintain Your Heating System

Schedule a service for your heating system. Ask a professional what you can do to keep your home heating system operating efficiently. Also, don’t forget to replace the filter in your furnace at least once a month.

Winterize Your Home

There is no better time of year than the fall season to winterize your home and prepare it for the long winter months. Start by air sealing cracks and gaps around your windows and doors. Air sealing your home will help to insulate your home better and improve the quality of indoor air, and the cost savings on are tremendous. We also recommend air sealing the areas around your pipes to prevent them from freezing.

For additional saving ideas, contact us at Cameron Home Insulation today. For more information contact us at (443) 290-5182 and see how we can help you save money during the fall season.

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