It’s officially the fall season which means that temperatures are beginning to cool down.  And while this is an exciting time for many reasons — changing leaves, pumpkin patches, and cozy nights by the fire — this also means that you’ll have to begin thinking about how you’re going to keep your family warm.

Though there are various systems working within your home, the heating system uses far more energy and costs the most amount of money (approximately 42% of your energy bill) to operate. Now! Do you know how to reduce your heating costs?

That said, read these tips to learn how you can begin cutting heating costs while also keeping your family warm and cozy on the chilly nights that lie ahead.

Check your thermostat settings

Thermostats are a vital tool for regulating your home’s internal temperature. However, they can also be a large source of wasted energy, if not programmed correctly. When temperatures outside begin to drop, you’ll want to ensure: (A) that your thermostat settings are set as low as is comfortable, rather than being hiked up tremendously and (B) that your thermostat settings are lowered while you’re away from home.

Taking a good and thorough assessment of how high and low you’re setting your thermostat at can be the difference between an affordable utility bill and an expensive one…

Adjust your curtains

Don’t underestimate the role that your window shades and draperies can play in regulating heat. Opening your draperies and window shades during the day can help heat your home at no additional costs, while closing them at night can reduce the amount of windchill you feel inside. Give it a try!  

How are you caring for your heating system?

As with any system, your heating system(s) cannot operate at its best if not cleaned out and updated properly. When it comes to the maintenance of your heating equipment, make sure that your furnace filters, baseboard heaters, and radiators are cleaned and/or replaced as necessary or recommended.

Also be mindful of where you’re positioning these products in your home. Take care not to place them in areas where furniture, carpeting, or other materials might block it. Doing so could impair its ability to effectively pump heat throughout your home and result in it not feeling as warm as it could.

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