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Fiberglass Insulation

Fibreglass Insulation

Many hear the word “fiberglass” and have a general idea of what that is. Specifically, fiberglass is constructed by tiny glass fibers that are filled with hot air. It typically appears pink in color and has an almost fluffy, cotton-like appearance. For insulation purposes, it can be blown into spaces or is also available as a loose filler. For most residences or businesses, It is ideal for attics or exterior walls.

Using fiberglass as your primary source of insulation in these spaces has many benefits. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Cost effective installation costs
  • You don’t have to vacate during the installation
  • It creates an operative sound barrier between the outside world and your         home, but also from room to room inside
  • Fiberglass does not shrink over time
  • Fiberglass insulation does not burn
  • ‘When fiberglass is blown into space, it surrounds everything within the           cavity, which creates uniform insulation

Our Techniques 

Our team of professionals primarily utilize two techniques for installing insulation. It can either be blown into space or applied in blanket-like sheets. There are also two options for material, fiberglass or cellulose.

Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service representatives and see which methods would work best for your project.

Insulation Removal

Before you put new insulation in, you have to get old insulation out.

There are many reasons for removing old fiberglass insulation:
Mold infestation

Decreased R-value

Rodent feces

Wetness or mold in crawlspace

Age, settling, wear and tear

Remnant smell of cigarette smoke

Destruction from flooding or other circumstances
Dirty and old fiberglass loses effectiveness and does not contribute to creating a healthy home for your family.
We will be happy to remove your old insulation to give you a fresh start for your home’s insulation.


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