As the seasons change, there are lots of simple ways to save money on your energy bills here in the Mid-Atlantic.

This weekend, spend an hour going through this simple checklist to guide you as you begin to increase the energy efficiency in your home:

  1. Check your heating and cooling equipment. If you have forced-air replace the filters, a clean filter helps your HVAC run more efficiently and keeps your family healthy.
  2. Lighting contributes up to 10% of your energy bills. Replace your old incandescent bulbs with newer generation energy saver bulbs – LED and CFLs can make a big difference in your bottom line. If lights switches have dimmers make sure you purchase bulbs that are dimmable.
  3. Appliances and electronics: if possible, unplug them when not in use. If not, check their energy settings and enable power-saving features.
  4. Look for obvious air leaks around entry doors. If the weather stripping seems to be fraying and falling apart, consider purchasing replacements from your local hardware store.
  5. Check your thermostat. The Department of energy recommends you set it at 78°F in the summer and 68°F in the winter. New smart thermostats such as Nest and others are also great ways to save money while staying comfortable.

Those simple steps can begin to solve your energy issues, however, calling a professional to check where your home is losing energy is a wise decision. Our team specializes in what we call our Cameron Home Energy Assessment which includes a series of tests that show how “leaky” your home is with air improperly escaping or entering your home and specifically where those “leaks” occur.

Give us a call today at (443) 459-5800 let our team help you reduce your home energy use.

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