Attic Insulation – A Home that is Under Insulated Will Overheat

One sign that indicates your home may overheat during the summer months is a lack of attic insulation. A home that is under insulated can and will overheat. Building materials like wood and drywall soak up heat easily and radiate it back. A home without insulation in the attic area won’t absorb the heat from the sun, that heat will, in turn, radiate down into the ceiling area of your home causing the temperature to rise.

What should you do to prevent this from happening? Consider adding insulation to the attic area of your home before the summer months arrive. Attic insulation is the only home improvement project which has proven to increase a homes’ resell value more than its’ initial investment.

Attic Insulation Maximizing Your ROI

According to,  homeowners are paying an average $1,268 for fiberglass insulation to be installed and added to the attic area of their homes. Homeowners are also seeing their homes average resale value increase by $1,446 after adding insulation to the attic area of the home.. That’s a 107.7%  return on investment

Home improvements projects such as siding can cost a homeowner nearly $14,518 to install but adding siding only increases the homes’ resale value by $11,093. Compare that to the installation of  a new entry door which can cost a homeowner anywhere between $1,413 and $3,304. Yet a new entry door only increases a homes’ resale value between $1282 and $2,810. Home insulation is the only home improvement project that guarantees a 100% return on investment.

The Benefits of Attic Insulation

There really isn’t anything physically appealing about attic insulation. It doesn’t make the outside of your home look any better. Perspective home buyers probably don’t even think about it when their considering purchasing a home.

Insulation is important to a homes’ resale value for the following reasons.

  • Heat rises – That’s an obvious fact.  An  insulated attic traps more heat to keep the lower areas of your home warm during the winter months and cooler air during the summer months. This makes any living environment more enjoyable. Therefore the homes heating and cooling systems doesn’t have to work quite as hard during the course of the year.
  • Cost Savings-Everyone likes to save money. That’s one thing to consider if you choose to invest in insulation for your homes attic. Homeowners can qualify for a home improvement loan that will allow them to affordably add insulation to their homes attic.  Just visit the department of energy’s website for more information.
  • Adding Attic insulation  Reduces dependency on the homes heating and cooling systems. This helps conserve energy and cuts your monthly electric bill in half.

Symptoms of Poor Insulation

  • Cold drafts during wintertime- A result of inconsistent room temperatures, air that leaks through your vents and under insulated attic area.
  • High energy bills and loss of heat during the winter time.
  • The duct work in the attic is visible.
  • Attic floor joists can be seen above or between existing attic insulation.

What causes in adequate attic insulation?

Ice dams– when heat escapes a poorly insulated attic ice melts and the snow freezes. If the attic area is too warm, this causes the snow on your roof to melt. As that melting snow pools into your gutters, it freezes and you have an ice dam.  Ice dams can reek havoc on your gutter system, roof,  and, causes serious water damage to your home. The best way to eliminate ice dams is to properly insulate your attic.

Roofing deterioration – moisture caused by poor ventilation can deteriorate your entire roof.

Take preventive action now. Contact a local contractor that knows how to do the job right Don’t let your energy cost continue to skyrocket. Act now make a smart investment that will truly does add value to your home.  It’s time to contact a our team of professionals today. Don’t delay. With over 110 years of attic insulation experience. We can handle everything from removing your homes old insulation if it’s needed, too installing and replacing it with new fiberglass or spray foam insulation. Contact us today to get your free estimate.