Welcome to a multi-part blog post series focused on the impact of hot upstairs air that’s trapped in your home, and how it affects your health during the warm summer months.


We will discuss how small changes make a big difference concerning your health. Then we will wrap up today’s discussion by sharing how the human body generates large sums of heat. We will dive into more details concerning your options for combating the problem in the next installment of our blog post.

Small Changes Make a Big Difference

During the summer months, the sun can impact a lot of things around your home.  As temperatures rise you may have noticed that your untreated wood floors start falling apart, the sunlight is causing the paint on your house to fade, and upstairs it feels like you just stepped out of the sauna.  You don’t understand why, and the only thing you do know at the moment is that the warm air upstairs is making you feel nauseous.  That’s because science has shown over time that the human body dispenses heat less efficiently in hotter climates, putting your health in serious jeopardy.  We want you to understand how the temperature impacts both the upper floors of a home and your health during the summer.

The Human Body Generates Large Sums of Heat

The human body functions very much like a home. Both produce large quantities of heat. Similar to a home’s’ radiator, our bodies circulate heat less efficiently in warmer environments. Our bodies, like a home, operate most efficiently when indoor temperatures are near 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  When surrounding temperatures approach our core body temperature, we naturally get hotter.  That’s because humidity has a tremendous impact on water absorption. Water intake allows our bodies to generate large masses of heat. Eventually, that heat evaporates. Anything that interferes with this process will, naturally, make you hot and uncomfortable.

Today’s Tip, In a Nutshell

Invest in thermal blocking drapes and close them whenever there is direct sunlight. The drapes will limit heat gain, keeping your entire house cooler.

Think We’re Pulling Your Leg?

Are you skeptical?  Is your brain overflowing with logical reasons for doubting our reasons why the hot air upstairs may harm your health? That’s ok. Stay tuned for blog post #2 next week. We ask that you keep an open mind: your home may just be one slight adjustment away from paradise.


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