How To Help Rebuild Someone’s Life and Show Your Support. How One Howard County, MD Non-Profit Gives Back to Those In Need Beyond The Holiday Season.

As a locally owned home insulation company operating in Howard County, Maryland, we believe in giving back to our community.  We take great pride in helping those who are less fortunate. This also includes those who live right here in our local community.  Cameron Home Insulation is proud to announce that we have partnered with Rebuilding Together Howard County. Rebuilding Together Howard County is a non-profit organization that offers support to Howard County residents whose lives have been impacted by unfortunate circumstances and wish to have a second chance to repair and restore their lives and their homes.

Rebuilding Together Howard County is a located in the heart of Columbia, Maryland.  They offer free home repair services to low-income families, senior citizens, and disabled adults.  Families and individuals seeking help must be homeowners, live in Howard County, and financially unable to pay for their repairs. Rebuilding Together Howard County began operating locally in 1992. Almost 1,000 people volunteer every year and have generously donated their time.  In fact, several groups of volunteers from various walks of life have come together to renovate, repair, and restore 80 homes in 2017 that were in need of repairs. Rebuilding Together is now a year-round provider of services.

Volunteers  Who Have Helped To Repair and Rebuild Peoples Lives

On July 27, 2016, the historic community of Ellicott City, Maryland, experienced a horrific thunderstorm.  In fact, an estimated six inches of rain plummetted into the nearby Patapsco River, within a two hour period causing it to flood. The flooding caused severe damage along nearby Main Street in Ellicott City. In addition, the flood waters also destroyed many homes, businesses, sidewalks, and landmarks. The loss was so severe that Maryland Governor, Larry Hogan, declared a state of emergency.

Recently, three teams of volunteers representing local companies from Dreambuilders, DPR Construction, and Wells Fargo partnered with Rebuilding Together Howard County to work on separate home renovation projects. Each of these projects where homes that had been damaged by the flood.  In fact, some of the repairs included replacing windows, external walls, floors, and installing new gutters and downspouts.

A team of volunteers from Cameron Home Insulation also plans to work on two homes this Spring.  Each home was impacted by the damage left behind from the flood. As a local insulation contractor from the Baltimore, Maryland area we specialize in a variety of insulation services.  Therefore some of our volunteers will be insulating the crawlspace area in one of the homes, and the main level area in the second.

These tremendous accomplishments would not be possible without the support of thousands of skilled individuals, companies, and sponsors from local companies.  Each of these supporters cares enough to offer the necessary resources and manpower needed to assist those seeking help from Rebuilding Together Howard County.

The Secret to Supporter Engagement

Rebuilding Together Howard County has a sound strategy to engage supporters.  For example, they have successfully targeted local companies that have the necessary resources needed to help complete team projects, and who are passionate about their mission.

Also, the Rebuilding Together Howard County leadership team believes in developing partnerships with like-minded business leaders in our local community. In fact, Cameron Home Insulation President, Scott Cameron, recently joined the Rebuilding Together Howard County Board of Directors. Scott takes great pride in giving back to the community in which he lives, works, and services.  Scott and the team from Cameron Home Insulation have worked on many volunteer projects. This includes repairing houses for Habitat for Humanity, Christmas in April, and many other charitable organizations.

Rebuilding Together Howard County Executive Director, Ann Heavner said that “Scott, is an active member of the board.  He has participated in several Rebuilding Together functions. Scott brings several years of construction experience to the table in addition to his leadership skills. We are very grateful to Scott Cameron and Cameron Home Insulation for their help and support assisting low-income homeowners in Howard County.”

Most of the businesses that support Rebuilding Together Howard County have a background in either construction, architecture, and housing-related needs. In fact some of the organizations who support Rebuilding Together Howard County and its’ mission include companies, such as Cameron Home Insulation, Environmental Systems Associates, and Hamel Builders.