Insulation Helps Create a Warm and Cozy Dutch Colonial in Lutherville

There’s a lot to love about living in an old Dutch Colonial that has a lot of character. But worrying about its energy efficiency is not one of those things. Built sixty years ago, the Rittler family knew when they moved it that the house was probably going to be a little bit drafty. As time went on the BGE bills were getting higher, and it just wasn’t as comfortable as it ought to be.

After trying a lot of other solutions including updating windows and changing the HVAC equipment, the house was still cold in the winter and hot in the summer. A friend recommended a Cameron Home Energy Assessment from Cameron Home Insulation which revealed the specific places where the family was losing energy.

The Cameron Home auditor suggested adding spray foam insulation in specific areas to address the issues shown in the Cameron Home Energy Assessment. Scheduling was quick and easy. The family left one morning for work after a particularly drafty night and the work was completed that day. That same night they could feel the difference in the house. The right insulation in the right places made a significant improvement in the temperature of their house.

At twenty-eight hundred square feet, BGE bills dropped about a $100 per month in the summer. In the winter time the family is saving about $350 per month, between BGE and oil costs. It’s made a huge difference.

Living in an old house can be comfortable. Hear this family’s story below: