How to Avoid a Summertime Disaster

Brace yourself for this important home energy performance tidbit! The same inefficiencies that make your home drafty and lead to high energy bills in the winter will have the same effect in the summer.

Here’s why!

The same gaps and cracks that allow heat to leave your home when it’s cold out are the same gaps and cracks that allow hot air to enter your home when it’s hot. Fortunately for you, one solution solves the challenges that exist during both seasons.

Our local weather can be scorching during the summer. Air sealing and insulation are by far the most cost-effective way of improving the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

What is Air Sealing?

Air Sealing consists of eliminating leaks in your home. It also prevents warm and cooled air from escaping to the outside. Air sealing makes your home energy efficient. A home without a draft also makes for a more comfortable living environment. Air sealing is essential for energy conservation and it can help prevent moisture and mold from occurring.

Why your A/C works so hard?

If your home is under-insulated in the attic, cold air from below can leak into space above; wasting valuable cold air. This will cause your air conditioning units to work overtime just to keep up with the demand of maintaining a comfortable temperature in your living space. In other words, if you hear your outside unit running all day and never taking a break; it’s time to check your attic.

How to Beat the Heat

If you have less than 14 inches of fiberglass insulation in your attic, R-49, your home is currently under insulated. Removing old insulation, air sealing and then adding the proper amount can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars on your yearly energy costs.

One of the best ways to do this is with spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation will give you almost double the R-value vs. fiberglass but also doubles as an air seal at the same time.

Spray foam is known to improve energy efficiency by filling gaps, cracks, and limiting air infiltration.  It also plays a role in moisture management. It helps reduce the risk of ice dam formation and also limits air leakage in your attic.

Summer Comfort Tips and Tricks

  • Close blinds, windows, and doors, during the day.
  • Inspect the air conditioner ducts. If necessary seal them and place insulation around any ducts that run through your hot attic.
  • Treat your home with spray foam insulation. This can significantly cool it off, plus reduce your electric bill by as much as 40%.