Even when people learn just how cost-effective spray foam insulation is, many are curious about it’s safety.

“Is spray foam insulation safe for my house? My kids? My pets?”

Simply put: the only time spray foam insulation is unsafe is during the installation process. Once it hardens and sets (which usually takes just 24 hours), it is completely safe.

Spray foam is installed in hard-to access spaces. This is one reason why it’s such an effective insulation material. But because spray foam is often “hidden away” it’s also hard to access by people and pets, adding to its safe qualities. We recommend leaving the material undisturbed, and having it professionally removed if you ever must interact with it.

Spray Foam Installation Process for Safety

When spray foam is being installed, Cameron Home Insulation installers take every precaution necessary. This includes the way we mix and prepare the materials, how we install the insulation, and why we wear protective gear.

We also ensure that the space is well ventilated during installation. During installation, spray foam does release fumes that should be avoided.

So, we require that your family and pets (yes, we know… your pets are your family) be off-site during installation. After we test for safety and completion, everyone is welcome back!

Learn more about the insulating benefits of spray foam and why it’s quickly become the material of choice for most residential applications.

Spray Foam Safety: Additional Resources

Spray foam has a history of safety. Our partner, Icynene, which is leader in spray foam product design offers additional facts about spray foam’s safety record.

The homeowner reference website, Houzz.com also provides a great reference about spray foam basics and FAQ.