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Icicles: Winter Beauty or A Winter Nightmare?

Why Icicles Can Be a Sign That Your Home Isn’t Energy Efficient What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of winter in Maryland or D.C.? Some of us think about icicles hanging from the gutters of our homes. Others may think of snow lying on the ground and on top the roof.  However, icicles and

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5 Winter-Proof Home Improvement Projects

Why not winter-proof your home right now, you could get a discount. You never know until you ask, right? Why not winter-proof your home before the cold winter months arrive?  This type of mindset influences homeowners to start thinking about what they can do to protect their homes this coming winter before the first blast of cold weather arrives. You

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7 Energy Saving Investments that Save Money

The United States has become an energy-saving conscious nation. That’s because electric costs have become super-pricey and are steadily climbing. Homeowners throughout the United States are focused more than ever on finding solutions that help reduce energy costs. You don’t necessarily have to live like a caveman wandering around in the dark with a lit torch as your only source

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5 Ways to Save Money and Use Less Energy

According to the Department of Energy, the average annual utility bill is  $2,060. Some people believe that if you spend a tad bit,   you save a fortune.  Then there are those people who spend a bucket-load this year and save ten times as much over the course of two decades. Here are five ways you can save yourself some money

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