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5 Ways to Save Money and Use Less Energy

According to the Department of Energy, the average annual utility bill is  $2,060. Some people believe that if you spend a tad bit,   you save a fortune.  Then there are those people who spend a bucket-load this year and save ten times as much over the course of two decades. Here are five ways you can save yourself some money

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Pest Prevention-Learn To How Protect Your Home

Do you have a problem with pests in your home? Do you know the best ways to prevent a pest from entering your home? Approximately 29% of American households have a problem with rodents and pests.  In addition, 50% of those pest infestations occur in the kitchen; 45% of all pest infestations occur during the fall and winter months.  Instead

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Cameron Home Insulation – Energy Efficiency

DO YOU LIVE IN AN ENERGY EFFICIENT HOME? Energy efficiency key.  If you’re a homeowner that thinks that a home that was built 10 to 15 years ago is just as energy efficient as a home that’s been built within the last month then think again. Building codes are constantly changing. There wasn’t an emphasis placed on building energy efficient homes five

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What Is An Energy Efficient Home?

What does your ideal energy-efficient home look and feel like, and can you really afford to improve your homes performance? According to the Maryland Department of Clean Energy Center there are low interest rate loans available to homeowners that have been designated specifically for home projects that are designed to help improve your homes’ performance and make it more energy

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