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5 Ways To Enjoy The Last Days of Summer & Save Money

Well, the end of the summer of 2017 is quickly approaching. You and your family have had an action-packed summer.  You’re not quite ready for it to come to an end just yet. What if we told you that we had five entertaining ideas that would allow you to extend the summer by a few extra days, and would save you money at

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4 Signs You Know Your Home Maybe Harmful To Your Health

WHEN INDOOR TEMPERATURES INCREASE BY 9 DEGREES THE ODDS OF GETTING A MIGRAINE HEADACHE ARE MUCH GREATER. Studies have shown that the heat generated from a leaky roof can make the blood vessels in your skull expand and press against surrounding nerve endings and is harmful to your health.  That’s because of low air pressure, and excessive sweating is causing

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The Hot Upstairs Air May Be Dangerous To Your Health

Welcome to a multi-part blog post series focused on the impact of hot upstairs air that’s trapped in your home, and how it affects your health during the warm summer months. ____________ We will discuss how small changes make a big difference concerning your health. Then we will wrap up today’s discussion by sharing how the human body generates large

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What Is An Energy Efficient Home?

What does your ideal energy-efficient home look and feel like, and can you really afford to improve your homes performance? According to the Maryland Department of Clean Energy Center there are low interest rate loans available to homeowners that have been designated specifically for home projects that are designed to help improve your homes’ performance and make it more energy

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