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The Hot Upstairs Air May Be Dangerous To Your Health

Welcome to a multi-part blog post series focused on the impact of hot upstairs air that’s trapped in your home, and how it affects your health during the warm summer months. ____________ We will discuss how small changes make a big difference concerning your health. Then we will wrap up today’s discussion by sharing how the human body generates large

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Indoor Air Quality: Creating A Healthy Living Environment

Indoor Air Quality. We don’t think about it that often, but the level of quality air inside our own homes can have a dramatic impact on our daily lives. For example did you know that we spend 90% of our time indoors? That’s 7,884 hours, 473,040 minutes, and 28,382,400 seconds? That means that a majority of us spend most of

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Room Temperature

Inconsistent Room temperatures can be something that’s quite annoying if your a home owner. Let’s just say for example that the freezing cold temperatures in your bedroom at night are what prevents you from falling asleep at night?  Maybe it felt blistering hot in your kitchen while you were cooking breakfast this morning or it’s probably due to the muggy

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