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Are You Ready for a Winter Climate Change?

The Sooner You Insulate and  Winterize Your Home  the Better Off You Will Be A significant portion of Maryland homeowners believe that climate change goes far beyond an increasingly warmer planet.  Scientists honestly believe, that greenhouse gases and emissions alter  the planets climate throughout the year.  Although, thanks to recent weather conditions, the general population believes that were in for

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The Truth About Spray Foam Cost

How Much Does Spray Foam Insulation Cost? How much will I really have to pay a Baltimore, Maryland, area insulation contractor to install spray foam insulation? Well! That’s a legitimate question that deserves an honest answer. However,  spray foam insulation cost in the Baltimore, Maryland area is based on several variables: Cost of labor Room temperature Geographic location and climate

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5 Winter-Proof Home Improvement Projects

Why not winter-proof your home right now, you could get a discount. You never know until you ask, right? Why not winter-proof your home before the cold winter months arrive?  This type of mindset influences homeowners to start thinking about what they can do to protect their homes this coming winter before the first blast of cold weather arrives. You

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Why the Heck is So Hot Upstairs?

The hot dog days of summer have officially arrived; with temperatures well over 90 degrees, you can’t afford to mess with the sweltering heat.  Not only is the heat affecting your cooling bills and the comfort of your home, but it is also affecting your sleep. We have all spent nights tossing and turning from the heat, but it doesn’t

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At Last the Secret to Comfort Is Revealed

How to Avoid a Summertime Disaster Brace yourself for this important home energy performance tidbit! The same inefficiencies that make your home drafty and lead to high energy bills in the winter will have the same effect in the summer. Here’s why! The same gaps and cracks that allow heat to leave your home when it’s cold out are the

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A Simple Way To Stay Cool and Make Your Family Happy

Air Conditioning Isn’t Your Only Source of Comfort This Summer  Summer has officially arrived. That means we can now look forward to longer; brighter sunny days and warmer weather. While most people love the warm weather, it comes with a price. The summer months can be brutal as the hot, humid and hazy summer months begin to set in. Comfort

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