A house has many parts; each one fulfilling a specific role that contributes to the overall quality of the living space. But what happens when one or more of those parts stops working? How do you identify areas of dysfunction and, once you identify the problem(s), how do you know what steps need to be taken?

What is a Home Energy Assessment?

Home Energy Assessment (also called an energy audit) is a series of tests performed by a certified building auditor meant to evaluate the safety, efficiency, and functionality of your home — this is not to be confused with a Quick Home Energy Checkup, or QHEC, which can be done by someone who is not BPI (Building Performance Institute) Certified.

These assessments give insight into how much air is improperly entering and escaping your home on a regular basis, as well as consumption patterns of the electronic gadgets installed in your home. Auditors typically make a detailed assessment by measuring various functions like air flow, combustion safety, attic ventilation, insulation levels, carbon monoxide prevalence, and thermal imaging.

Save money and energy

In this age of high energy usage and dependence on electronics in the home, understanding your family’s energy consumption patterns not only benefits your wallet but also contributes to the global push for enhanced energy-efficiency. Even better, pursuing an energy-efficient home does not have to be an expensive or time-consuming endeavor. Depending on the needs of your home, there are a variety of cost-effective and quick actions that can be taken to reduce energy prices, all of which a certified auditor will walk you through following your assessment.

For example, say your assessment pointed to the heating and cooling systems as the main culprit of energy consumption (as is the case with many homes). As a result, your Cameron home auditor might recommend simple remedies like cleaning the equipment regularly to enhance its performance and/or checking if there’s any damage. Or perhaps your home assessment will point to lighting equipment as a source of inefficient consumption. Thus, your home auditor may suggest using CFL bulbs or utilizing solar power.

Why Cameron?

Regardless of the size or age of your home, it’s very important to have an energy audit performed. Our certified professionals want to ensure that your home is in the best condition possible and that you’re getting the full “bang for your buck”.

When you book a Home Energy Assessment with Cameron Building Envelope Specialists, we perform the audit with you, walking you through our processes and explaining how the different areas of your home are intended to function. Since 1907, we’ve made it our mission to contribute to the comfort and safety of homes in the region. Let us make sure that your family’s home is safe – Give us a call today at (443) 459-5800!