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Why the Heck is So Hot Upstairs?

The hot dog days of summer have officially arrived; with temperatures well over 90 degrees, you can’t afford to mess with the sweltering heat.  Not only is the heat affecting your cooling bills and the comfort of your home, but it is also affecting your sleep. We have all spent nights tossing and turning from the heat, but it doesn’t

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What Is An Energy Efficient Home?

What does your ideal energy-efficient home look and feel like, and can you really afford to improve your homes performance? According to the Maryland Department of Clean Energy Center there are low interest rate loans available to homeowners that have been designated specifically for home projects that are designed to help improve your homes’ performance and make it more energy

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Indoor Air Quality: Creating A Healthy Living Environment

Indoor Air Quality. We don’t think about it that often, but the level of quality air inside our own homes can have a dramatic impact on our daily lives. For example did you know that we spend 90% of our time indoors? That’s 7,884 hours, 473,040 minutes, and 28,382,400 seconds? That means that a majority of us spend most of

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Insulating Your Homes Crawl Space Area

  If you live in an older home usually the only time you would consider adding additional  insulation in your crawl space is if your water pipe burst.  Did you know that most older homes use fiberglass insulation in the crawl space area of the home, but it sags causing cool air to seep into the home?  In most cases this is

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